DEVONThink Mailbundle not compatible with Mail 12.4

After delaying as long as I could, I upgraded to OSX Mojave and find that DEVONThink.mailbundle is reported by Mail as not compatible with Mail Version 12.4. Mail will not allow the plug-in to be enabled. Is there something I can do to fix this? Or is it requiring an update to the mailbundle?

Reinstalling the plug-in via Install Add-Ons… and enabling it afterwards in Mail’s preferences should fix this.

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[Slapping foread]. Yes, of course. I should have thought of that. Thanks.

Sorry for dragging this old thread up. But of the numerous threads covering troubles with the Apple Mail plug-in this one’s title is describing my case the most accurately—and first and foremost I did not want to start just another topic about this subject.

Okay, I meticulously followed all the steps Jim advised to take but failed at the last one. Although I deleted the old mail bundle, re-installed it and gave DEVONthink the rights to do virtually everything it wants with my Mac I could not activate the plug-in. Restarting the Mac didn’t help either.

I always get prompted “Incompatible plug-in is deactivated”:


Additional info: My Mac runs on macOS 10.14.6 (18G95) and there is no DEVONthink Pro Office 2 around anymore that might interfere.

Any idea what is going wrong?

Please download a new installer from here and replace your current version:

Do not run a third-party uninstaller. If your browser isn’t set to open safe downloaded files, just double-click the ZIP file to decompress it. Then double-click the disk image to open it, and drag and drop the application into the /Applications folder, allowing it to overwrite the old version when you’re prompted.

Then try the procedure I described in the post you mentioned.

Same as before.

I might add that before this happened I had uninstalled both DTPO 2 and the DT 3 beta with Hazel swiping through the preferences. So there should not have been anything left except for the data bases. And then I re-installed the DT 3 beta 7, entered my licence, and set the program to my needs. And everything went super smoothly—except for the Mail plug-in.

Before I had re-installed the freshly downloaded beta 7 like you said Library/Mail contained of quite a number of deactivated bundles:

Before I started the new installation I had deleted all the deactivated Bundles, them in /Mail Lost+Found too. And of course the DT mail bundle in /Bundles.

I might also add that I am a beta tester of Mojave. I am not sure if the current OS is still in beta or if this is the final version of Mojave. But maybe you can tell by the build number.

macOS Mojave is not in beta. The current version is 10.14.6.

Hold the Option key and choose Help > Report bug to start a support ticket as I have something I’m testing. Thanks.

Ticket started. Thanks.