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I have been using for a few years. It was called realtimeboard before.
It allows me to do PDF exports so I’m starting to put my exports into DEVONthink so they can be indexed. I’m pretty new to DEVONthink and so I’m running into some workflow issues such as right-clicking and zooming and copy/pasting in a visual tool like miro.

I can open the miro links with another browser, but I would prefer to just keep DEVONthink front and center while I organize things since that’s the main draw for me to have purchased the product - it lets me view and edit ALL my files. So I’d like to see if I can get web sites and PDF together working so I’m not needing to switch between chrome or safari and DEVONthink’s internal viewer.

Here’s my problem presented in a way that will let you try this out on your own copy of DEVONthink.
Just open my whiteboard and read it.
Then click the link to “try miro using webwhiteboard” and you can reproduce each example that I show.

Thank you for your assistance. If you find that is the problem, please let me know so that I can contact them and their community to report the problem to them.

If you have any questions about the objects on the board, you can click on them and copy a link. But it’s not too complex. Just 5 screenshots showing what’s working and what’s not working…

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Oh, maybe I can embed the board here…

<iframe width="768" height="432" src=",-439,3017,3561" frameBorder="0" scrolling="no" allowFullScreen></iframe>

oh maybe not…

This is not controlled by DEVONthink. It is WebKit and that doesn’t support the contextual menu operations.

Open Safari and browse your whiteboard. You’ll see the same behavior.

Interesting, because on the board, I show that both chrome and safari work.
It’s only DEVONthink that doesn’t work.

DEVONthink: pinch/zoom with trackpad: zooms entire site including controls
Safari: pinch/zoom with trackpad: zooms only boards contents

DEVONthink: ctrl+c and ctrl+v make an audible beep sound on my mac mini
Safari: ctrl+c and ctrl+v allow me to copy and paste objects on the board.

So I’m now sure why you think this is WebKit? Can you tell me how to report the bug to them, please?

Appreciate the assistance. It’s frustrating me that the browser inside DEVONthink doesn’t behave well. I’ve seen some products (for example Adobe) offer a synchronized browser with their code editor. So as you edit code in one window, your browser (Chrome) will update dynamically. If I could have a browser that would link to Devonthink and stay as a window on the screen and let me click through my library and edit files in the browser, that would work nicely also.

Just looking for a good solution that doesn’t involve double clicking or right-clicking and then finding the Open Link in Google Chrome and clicking again. Even if I could assign hotkeys like with DaVinci Resolve’s video player to access the features I use quickly it might improve the workflow…

Really? Shouldn’t that be cmd+c/v on a Mac? I’m just asking because if CTRL+v/c work in your Safari with this website, they might be using JavaScript to make that work.

Which begs the question if you have enabled JavaScript in your DT settings (I seem to remember that such a setting exists but may be wrong, of course)

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Maybe this explains the difference:

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sigh You guys are a tough crowd… I came with a question and was hoping to find some people that would open my board and test it out and tell me if it works for them inside DEVONthink and how I can make it work.

I’m a windows guy. Went to a mac user group when I was maybe 12 years old and they gave out copies of windows 3.1 as a prize to anybody that could answer the questions. I have used both since, but more windows than mac… and I am completely NEW to DEVONthink.

I use a mac keyboard a mac mini, and a windows pc with sharemouse connected.
Sharemouse allows me to swap the keys so my ctrl key on the mac works the same as on windows.
This way I don’t care.

The point is, copy/paste doesn’t work in DEVONthink. Does anybody have the patience to try themselves before responding to me and making me regret posting my question?

Open this on your Mac and try drawing some objects and copying them.
Try zooming.
Try in DEVONthink.

Can anybody make it work in DEVONthink?


Cursory checks.

Safari 15.0: seems to work. can draw a line
Chrome: Version 94.0.4606.81 (Official Build) (x86_64). works with line.
DEVONthink 3.8 (created a HTML document, added, the link, clicked on it) seems to be able to draw a line

But what’s the point? Put the browser that works for you on left of screen, and put DEVONthink to accept the PDFs that you indicate work in right screen. The Internet is a wild place. Not every web site works in every browser all the time.


What’s the point?

Understand why DT3 browser didn’t behave like Safari/Chrome and see if there’s anything I can do to make it work so that I don’t have to leave it while cross referencing documents. My goal was to get DT3 to show me all my miro projects as PDFs and at the same time allow me easy access to edit them and update the PDFs so they are indexed and be able to quickly click back to the original miro boards to make edits.

If nobody is clever enough to make work in DT3 for copy/paste and zoom, even though it works fine in Safari and Chrome on a mac, I will create another workflow for exporting miro to DT3. Rather than storing the PDFs directly from browser into DT3 database, I can export from Safari as you are suggesting to the file system and then let DT3 scan the file system and index them or I will export them in batches and drag the PDFs into a DT3 database.

Thank you.

I’m certainly not up to that standard! :wink:


I’m certainly not up to that standard! :wink:

Certainly hard unless you have the source code…
Thanks for your help.

That’s the thing. DEVONTechnologies, I don’t think, have the relevant source code either. They used contracted third party software for web stuff.

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