DEVONthink Mobile Documents folder - is it possible to selectively sync iCloud folders on some machines?

Hi all,

Sorry if I’m getting confused with a partial understanding of iCloud Drive vs iCloud Sync.
At the moment, I’ve configured DEVONthink to sync via iCloud.

My devices have a ~60GB DEVONthink folder in “/Users/[username]/Library/Mobile Documents/”, which I understand is a folder created by iCloud when DEVONthink is configured to sync data via iCloud.

This folder then gets replicated by iCloud to my other devices, even my Mac Mini server which I don’t use DEVONthink on (and doesn’t have DEVONthink installed).

I would like to avoid this folder getting synced to my Mac Mini server, because it doesn’t have a lot of disk space. Does anyone know how?
I’m hoping there’s a way to get iCloud to selectively sync the folder, such that I can configure the Mac Mini not to maintain a local version of that folder on its hard disk.
But if not, is my only solution to drop iCloud sync and use Dropbox sync (where you CAN choose to selectively not-download the DEVONthink sync folder)?

(I appreciate this isn’t strictly a DEVONthink question, but I’m hoping that this audience has a lot of relevant experience/expertise for this problem)

This is controlled by iOS, not DEVONthink and it’s Apple’s mechanism to make sure your data is on “all your devices, all the time”.

Currently, Dropbox or CloudMe would be an option.
We are also working on something that may alleviate this in the future, but it’s currently in testing so I can’t go into much detail about it.

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