DevonThink OP and OpenMeta tags and Default Folder X

If anyone else here uses Default Folder X, maybe you have some thoughts on this.

When I save a document or web page or what have you, I want to be able to add OpenMeta tags in the DFX save dialog, and then save it directly into DevonThink. However, the various ways that I’ve been doing this don’t transfer my tags into my DT database.

I’ve tried saving the document into the DT inbox, as well as a folder to which I’ve attached the DT folder script … I forget what it’s called… but basically it adds the document to DT.

In neither instance are my OpenMeta tags made part of the DT entry.

If I save to the desktop, and then import the documents, then my DFX -assigned tags are properly imported. But that is just an extra step I want to avoid.

Anybody use these programs in conjunction, and have any ideas and how I can accomplish what I’m trying to do? thx

I’m using Default Folder X and am able to save files with OpenMeta tags to the DT Inbox and to folders with the DT folder action attached. In both cases, the tag appears in DT. If you save files with tags to a folder that’s indexed in DT, do you see the tags of the indexed files when you view the file in DT?

I set up a new database… and used it to index the contents of a test folder, which had an “import, ocr” script attached.

Lo and behold, the Tags seem to be transferring when I assign them with Devonthink, and sync the folder.

However, the tags are also now transferring when I assign tags with DFX, and save them to the DT inbox.

So not sure why it didn’t seem to be working with my other databases. Will have to do a little more experimentation, when time permits. I’ll check back with interesting results, if any.

Thanks for your suggestions so far