DevonThink opens and closes slowly


I am running DevonThink Pro 1.5.4 on a Dual 1.8 G5 with 3gb of ram. My DevonThink database is 14.5 gb and it resides on an internal hard drive that is used mostly by DevonThink alone.

The problem that I am having is that after DevonThink loads the database and I have used it for awhile. Then l begin to use another app and come back to DevonThink, DT can then become painfully slow when trying to do things like open a folder within DT. Related to this when I have DT running, but have not accessed it for awhile and I try to use the “add web archive to DevonThink” script the script will slowly churn and sometimes fail to add the web archive, but then other times it will succeed in adding it.

The final part is when it comes time to close DT I am sometimes not able to because the program has become so unresponsive that I can not access the DT Pro - Quit DT Pro so when I right click on the DT icon in my dock it gives me a “force quit” option. If I wait several minutes this will go away and I get the “quit” option.

NOTE: During these times when DT is running slow all of my other apps are running at normal speeds and normal response rates.

Any suggestions on what I can do to speed up DT (other than buying a new machine).


R. Joe

There are only few possibilities:

  • Add more RAM as virtual memory is causing the slow down
  • Quit as many other applications/processes/widgets as possible
  • Split the database
  • Use version 2 :wink:

I actually did not know version 2 is out. I just submitted my upgrade request and will upgrade as soon as I get the e-mail, hopefully that will do the trick!


R. Joe

It’s a beta and therefore a registration is not yet necessary. However, do not delete your v1.x database until you’ve successfully converted it to v2 (which might take a while considering the size of your database).

Thanks for the info. I saw there was an option to pay for the upgrade so I thought there was stable version out there.

I will download the beta and give it a whirl!