DevonThink or DevonAgent for Web pages?

I have hundreds of linked HTML pages (mostly software manuals) that I’d like to move into one of the DT applications. My main goal is to have a database of fully searchable pages, which I can then browse from within the application (embedded links working, etc.) without having to launch a web browser.

This sounds like something that DevonAgent would be better at, but I just wanted to find out what everyone else thought. Which application is better suited to this?

Also, is there any special settings or steps I need to do to ensure that page links work locally when pulled into the database?



  1. At the moment it’s probably better to store them in DEVONagent (until DEVONthink v1.8 and the WebKit integration will arrive).

  2. There’s no setting but DEVONagent needs some enhancements in this area (maybe in v1.0 or definitely in v1.1) to look for stored/cached/archived pages after clicking on a link.

same request. when browsing via safari i’d like to store this or that webpage in DT. via “services” DT only imports a text file. so i use this (not very intuitive) workaround: i launch the webpage in DevonAgent and hit the DT button there… so a new item in “services” (e.g. “import webpage”) would be helpful.

BUT: in DT you cannot edit a webpage, only the source code, which isn’t very handy because you can’t copy text from a webpage stored in DT and if you copy text from the source code you get al the useless html tags too…

i’d appreciate webpages being editable in DT (at least text highlighting for copy/paste purposes)

This is not a fault of DEVONthink because no browser sends HTML data to the services. Otherwise DT would already store source code since version 1.0.

If Apple’s going to add this to the WebKit, this might come. Otherwise there’s no chance this will ever happen.

Highlighting and copying already works (except tables/frames and their contents).

integrating bookmark functionality in dA, would be advantageous. !!! (pls, pls, pls).

perhaps an option to save link + data, or link only, with a menu bar based link system, like ‘another launcher’ which i use currently between browsers (safari, camino, ie), for web design.


Bookmarks will definitely come, but version 1.2.1 (will be released today) is basically a maintenance release (minor improvements and a few fixes). Other things to come are for example integrated translation of HTML pages or filtering of languages.

Something like IE’s scrapbook feature for archiving complete pages, including images?

DT Pro will be definitely a complete offline archive (including a download manager and site sucker). The WebKit integration of DT PE will also be improved, e.g. loading images/style sheets from the database if possible.


For convenience sake, is there any chance you’ll post an off-forum summary of upcoming features for future releases that have been announced/discussed here?  With a “this is not a promise, guarantee, or commitment” disclaimer, of course. :slight_smile:

I’ll forward the suggestion to the webmaster  ;D