DevonThink PDF Highlight Extraction

Now that DevonThink iOS has incredible PDF annotation capabilities (I like the highlight tool better than those in iAnnotate), I am looking to do my PDF annotating fully in DevonThink.

However, I have come to rely on Skim for exporting all my annotations of a single file as a batch (with skim:/// links to each page for each annotation), for import and processing in DevonThink (I import as single file, but break annotations down into separate markdown text files).

I have tried to read through the many threads on highlight/annotation extraction scripts, and what I have gathered is that it is not possible to use a script within DevonThink to pull out all of the highlighted text with x-devonthink:/// links for each page. Is this correct?

If so, is there any interest at DevonThink HQ for adding such capabilities? Having everything all in one, between macOS and iOS would be amazing. Being able to click an annotation link in DevonThink on the iPad and go directly to the PDF page would be fantastic. I know this can be partly achieve now with scripts that require each highlight to be created with a script on the Mac. However, I do not read / annotate PDFs on the Mac–I use an iPad, where it is not possible to use these scripts. Batch processing back at the Mac would really make DevonThink a phenomenal all-in-one PDF research application.

That’s correct.