DevonThink Personal to Pro Office

I purchased the single database DevonThink some months ago, and have become a convert. I throw stuff from everywhere into DT. However, my data has become too widespread for one dBase to deal with. I am demo-ing the Pro Office version, and have a couple of queries. One being whether I need Office, which costs more, or just the Pro version. I don’t require the OCR element of the software, as I use Readiris.

My other question is, when collecting stuff from websites, or email, the single database version had a ‘collect all’ inbox to throw everything at. What happens when I access ‘Services’ under the app menu, and it shows only DT Pro, where does the stuff go automatically in the Pro, and Office versions, given that multiple databases are possible, probable and likely.

Any opinions ?

The database software is comparable in DT Pro and DT Pro Office, and the databases are completely compatible. In addition to built-in OCR, DT Pro Office also adds more sophisticated email archiving, including attachments, and a server mode allowing remote access to search and download content via a Bonjour browser mode, or AJAX for the iPhone/iPod Touch.

In DT Pro 1.x, new content from external sources is sent to the open database. Content destined for another database must be exported, then imported into the second database.

DT Pro 2.0 will offer different means to send content to a desired database.

And, a question that might interest many:

will the differences between DT Pro 2.0 and DT Pro Office 2.0 identical to those between DT Pro 1.x and DT Pro Office 1.x, or will there be new features in DT Pro Office 2.0 which won’t be part of DT Pro 2.0?

I know one of the biggest differences between the two versions is the email functionality, but I was hoping (OK, so I knew it wouldn’t happen but still :slight_smile:) that there would be additional email functionality added to the non-Office version. I can’t justify spending the additional money on it, when email archiving, etc. is really all that I need (No need for OCR, for example). Going to play around with the beta, but thus far, the current version seems to be suiting me just fine.