DevonThink plugin for Apple Mail doesn't work under Monterey

Hi, just installed Monterey and upon bootup it disables the Devonthink mail plugin, as “incompatible”. Will Devon release a new one soon?

Hmmmm, I checked and the latest Devonthink doesn’t install a plugin bundle under Mail. Must have been a left-over from an old installation! Please ignore.

Yes it does.

I posted about Monterey and the Mail plugin just a few hours before you asked; check here.

Thanks, but it just doesn’t work on my Monterey installation. Refer to your older thread for a screenshot - I have no option to install any plugin.

You appear to be running the Standard edition which doesn’t have the Apple Mail plugin. Only the Pro and Server editions have the plugin.

Ah. Thank you. And the old plugin was from back in the day when “standard” was in fact “pro”.

Ok, that’s a really old leftover. Like bottom of the freezer stuff.

Sorry for making assumptions, though - I should have asked which edition you are using.