DEVONthink prints instead of saving scan

I am trying to save a scanned document but get a printed document instead. Scanning/saving was working fine as recently as this morning but now DEVONthink prints out the document instead of saving it as a scan. I am running DEVONthink Pro Office Version 2.3.5 on Mac OS 10.7.4. The document scans fine (I can preview it) but when I click the save button I get a popup error message: “Can’t Import Scan! You can try to inspect the document in the Finder and try to import it from there.”

Then the document prints out on my printer.

The log says “Error occurred during Scan Capture Import. Couldn’t parse contents of `/var/folders/gq/9qw_8s216ss82442_1v6mpm00000gn/T/AC/Heat Pump Repair.pdf’, is it a PDF file?”

I did a Verify & Repair, no errors. I quit Devonthink and restarted my Mac, still have the issue.

Any suggestions?

Nevermind, I figured it out. Apparently, a document name can’t have a slash in it.


Good catch (though the results of the problem are unexpected) :open_mouth: . Yeah, you definitely want to stay away from any illegal characters in filenames.