DevonThink Pro 2... release date?

I don’t know … it doesn’t seem improper to be asking about an update that was being talked about in these forums in 2005. Two years down the line, I could have the patience of a saint and still be antsy for 2.0 to be released.


you better quit to believe that dtp 2 will come sometime.

that keeps you from being disappointed when you exhaust your life before anything changes with dtp and it will make you happy when version 2 drops in while your still alive.

i love the idea to handle all my research and data storing stuff with ONE app. but if there are too many limitations, perhaps you will find, that several apps side by side are the better solution for special parts of the job.

beeing late two years or so is not what annoys me the most. its the ignorant behaviour to the dtp user. i mean, we are not in the supermarket and the devon technologies products are not a box of corn flakes.

a lot of people that use da and dt are real fans and for many of us dtp is the first app opened in the morning and the last in the evening to be shut down.

i appreciate that the staff hesitates to declare: dtp v2 will be available at 10.30 next thursday. but no official word is to be heard from the company, no concrete information.

i don’t think this is a good customer relations policy.

it should be possible to declare:
the next version will come this autumn with that new features…
when the next mac os is available a new version of dtp brings this new features …

something makes me think that i should look around which apps can substitute dtp in the long run.
and i really like dtp.

No rainbow without rain.

Have patience.

Yes, patience everyone. DTP Office is an awesome piece of software, and it works without bugs. After a year of beating my brains out while using SOHO Notes, I can’t tell you how good it is to have discovered something as stable as DTPO. So don’t put pressure on DEVONtechnologies to rush out of the door something that’s not ready.

My advice is this - enjoy the present, build up your databases, and be warmed by the thought that DTPO is going to get a whole lot better someday. It’s one of those rare win win situations.

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I can understand user impatience.

The developers have been hard at work for some time and will be busy for some time to come. There are projects and features that – for good reason – cannot be publicly disclosed at this time. And yes, there are some coding elements that cannot be finalized until there’s a stable and complete Leopard OS.

The DEVONtechnologies applications will not in themselves bring world peace nor solve the global warming threat. :slight_smile:

But DEVONtechnologies is building advances on the current software line to help users collect, organize, manage and analyze information. We hope and expect that the next major releases will provide the best tools available on the Mac for those purposes.

In the meantime, there have been and will continue for a time to be incremental improvements in the current line. DT Pro 1.3.1 is considerably faster and more stable than DT Pro 1.0, but retains legacy components that still allow it to run on OS X 10.3.9. The next major releases will run under Tiger but the future will depend in considerable measure on Leopard features.

We’re impatient, too. :slight_smile:

A quick note about OS X versions: We still have users operating happily with older versions of DT and DA, for example, that are no longer actively supported by development (although we often provide Support help) and run under OS X 10.2.x. Users of DT/DT Pro/DT Pro Office 1.x who do not wish to upgrade from OS X 10.3.9 (there are still many of these users) will be able to continue to run as well as ever on their computers. DEVONtechnologies’ practice has been to allow upgrade releases to run on the current operating system and its immediate predecessor. In the case of database changes resulting from an upgrade, the practice has been to provide transparent (to the user) conversion of the database, as in the upgrade from DT Personal to DT Pro. A database conversion will be required in upcoming major releases.

yes, yes, bill. i know that all (i’m a frequent rss-feed reader). and i marvel at your mediation. (is that correct english? it sounds great)

i personally have only one serious problem with dtpo (though all the other inconveniences that are mentioned in the various postings could be eliminated sometime, of course :smiley:):

make me open several databases simultaneously.

my databases are growing faster and faster even though i stopped importing images and pdfs. (indexing is fine but a little cumbersome when you use to take your stuff home from office. if i could open them at the same time, i could keep them smaller. wow, that would be great!

I think we’re all waiting with lust in our hearts for that one :slight_smile: I’d like to have a DTP database for each class I’m taking (I generally take eight each semester), and the switching time really murders the enjoyability of DTP, to the point that I’ve just been using TextEdit all this time :confused:

I only hope the next version will have:
a) type of data on sheet (date and currency for example)
b) add user defined metadata to object. Actually everytime I scan a document, I have to create a record with metadata (year, collocation, author, addressee, et ceterae), replicate the record in same place of the scanned document and after group it to the document. It is a dirty and slow way, but actually the only one that allow me to have an exportable ‘report’ of all the documents I’m storing.
I hope 2,0 will allow me to define model of metadata for documents and create sheet (report) using the metadata.


Maybe a DT spotlight plugin, while waiting for DT§ v2, would be the best.

Just to animate this thread, Leopard “beta” is out to developers and we are seeing new features (maybe a lot of those are still hidden). The question here is whose of those technologies is DT2 going to use and how… I still don’t know what technology may be used in that form that DT2 has to wait until Leopard. Maybe 64 bits? Maybe Quicklook (that could make sense as DT2 could index files as Excel, Word, Keynote, etc. and still could preview them without launching an external viewer…)

I’m just having a lot of patience, as a lot of other software are just improving and getting better and better (Papers 1.1 is just not so bad, Journler is just not so bad, EagleFiler does the trick of indexing things, creating libraries and adding tag support…).

I’m just waiting as I love DT AI. I even hope that AI could be improved a lot more. Maybe it could be “pluginable” as photoshop filters, creating a way for adding tools for text analysis and mining more robust and customizable (I imagine for example having the opportunity of analyzing trends in a certain group of texts, or having different algorithms to do the “see more” trick, maybe one of those based in the semantic authority of certain word in a “system” of texts… ). I know I’m dreaming.

I was having some of the same thoughts when watching the keynote. Quicklook is very cool, and I hope it will be harnessed in DT. Jobs also said, if I remember correctly, that quicklook is “plug-in-able” so proprietary formats can be seen. This pricked my ears for Mellel, my wordprocessor of choice. Hopefully DT can use that.

Cover flow was pretty cool too!

According to Eric Boehnisch-Volkmann, DT2 is going to use Leopard only full 64 bit support. That’s an answer we wanted to hear, but is still too vague :

From what he said, I just couldn’t agree more about “a simpler user interface”. I’ve always thought that DT interface just has too many options which are never used (6 views?.. even a 3D program does not has so many views).

I also agree with the idea of DT database being just an index of files, that giving the opportunity of indexing the files also by Spotlight. Very smart announcement. Customizable metadata could also be a very cool feature.

Finally, the dates are not given, I hope not to wait until 2009.

Sorry, but counting the “number” of views and also comparing to a “typical” 3D program misses the mark. The former does not address function, and the latter is comparing apples to oranges.

I for one prefer and rely on the flexibility of the views. I routinely use five of the six views. Each has its own advantages depending on the task I need to accomplish. I do not think of them as “extra views” but “different” views of the database. The DevonTech folks have provided a wide range of flexibility, without my having to manually configure a database.

Many so called “simple” applications are just too limited. DT is very powerful, with a feature set unlike that in any other application. But the tools are accessible, fast and flexible. Interfaces are evolving with new capabilties and aesthetics, for example Core Animation and Cover Flow. I’m confident that DT will also evolve and incorporate many requests people have made. But first and foremost, the breadth of the program, and that it just works, are its strengths. The DT user community is quite varied, with each of us having unique objectives, exploiting different aspects of the app. I want appropriate changes.

“Simpler” should not equate to less or fewer. A simpler DT should enable easier access and understanding of its various tools/capabilties.

That is more of less what Boehnisch-Volkmann said, DTP 2 is going to do :

Maybe I’m wrong, but what the new interface got to do is to present a “simpler” way to present that “flexibility”. That simplicity is achieved precisely by hiding advanced features to the average user.

And we need ONE MORE.