DEVONThink Pro 3 : Possible Bug with Chrome Add On

Installed and purchased upgrade. Well done. Thanks.

On my iMac which has Safari as default web browser, and Chrome is installed on OSX and occasionally used … when I install the Chrome Add-on, DEVONThink apparently launched Parallels, then Windows, then Chrome inside Windows and installed the add-on there. Tried three times with same result. I can’t find where in preferences (or other) the control to which copy of Chrome is to be used. I assumed the OSX one, but that apparently not the case. Or something I’ve done.

Sounds like a bug of Parallels. The extension just tells macOS to open a URL and then the system launches the default application to handle this URL. But the only application which can handle x-devonthink-item links is actually DEVONthink, therefore Parallels seems to patch macOS.

Thanks. I haven’t figure out how to change default apps for URL schemes, but will look into.

When the Parallels “Applications/Share Windows applications with Mac” setting is turned on, it creates links to windows apps on your macOS file system. It maintains these links in a folder called “~/Applications (Parallels)” I am not entirely sure about the exact location, might be in the “~/library/Applications (Parallels)” folder also. Each time you start the parallels VM, it will recreate/check these links. When you have coherence turned on the Share Windows applications option must be turned on also.

If you need occasional access to the windows applications, this share option is indeed quite annoying. If I use Alfred to start apps or find files, I start these windows apps by accident quite often. So turn off the share and coherence options and delete the parallels link folder and you’ll be good to go.

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