DEVONthink Pro Applescript Tips

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Another tip to import only selected mailboxes in the front window. This is handy if you have zillions of mails and don’t want to import them all. Open [color=red]_Mail Import.scpt file inside Addressbook & Mail in your DT script folder and change the last part (the tell block below [color=red]exportMailboxToDEVONthinkPro) to:

tell application "Mail"
		set selectedMailboxes to selected mailboxes of front message viewer
		repeat with theMailbox in selectedMailboxes
			my exportMailboxToDEVONthinkPro(theMailbox)
		end repeat
	end try
	tell application "DEVONthink Pro" to hide progress indicator
end tell

Well, it’s kinda quiet here.

Here’s another one: Archive selected headline in NetNewsWire.

Notes: The script will convert NYTimes and BBC urls (change news urls to print-format urls). No problem here so far but I can’t guarantee the transmo will work perfectly on every single url from those sites. Feel free to add yours.

I love my articles have dates on the beginning of the title. If you hate it, just delete the date formatting bits and make small change on “get title”.

Dates on BBC sometimes are displayed in a single/double digit format so it’ll display a dialog asking you to reformat it. If you don’t like being annoyed, just snip that part out.