Devonthink Pro doesn't open mails in Apple Mail


I have imported mails from Outlook 2011 into DEVONthink Pro. Now I have decided to go for Apple Mail and I have set it as my default mail application.

When sending documents out of DEVONthink, everything works fine. DT uses Apple Mail to create the mail.

The issue comes when I open an imported mail (.eml) within DT. In this case DT always opens the mail in Outlook 2011?!? Only if I open the mail using “Open with …” and then select Mail, it works the way I want it to work.

Is there anyway I can change the behavior of DT to recognize Apple Mail as the default mail application for all actions around mail.


The default email application is set in Mail Preferences. It appears that you have set the default as Outlook. Change the default to Mail.