DEVONThink Pro Mac Power Users podcast episode - finally!

Not entirely sure if this has been mentioned yet - but in the latest MPU episode (#246 Workflows with Eddie Smith), at 01:09 hours in, they start discussing Eddie’s use of DTPO.

Katie Floyd then confirmed that, whereas they have been promising for a long time, Gabe Weatherhead(?) of Macdrifter has agreed to do a show on it, and it will be released in the next month or two. She repeated that it is in “active development”, which is great.

Not sure how many peeps over here listen to MPU - but, imo, it’s a really good show with plenty of followers - and they have serious mainstream guests making appearances.

It might be worth it to rustle up support again, and have forum members reach out to David Sparks and Katie with their workflows, to ensure that all the well-loved features are aired properly.

Good advertising for the development team can only be good news for all the current users, surely? 8)

Good thought, @Cassady. MPU is a great show from which I have learned a lot.

I am behind in my MPU listening but will jump to this episode and send some thoughts to David and Katie.

Sorry but, I am a little behind the times. I know what a podcast is, generally, but I have no idea where to go or what to open to track down what you mentioned. Can you provide a link for this episode or say more about how to see this if a simple link is not enough? I am going to try a search in Itunes … Thanks. :blush:

ADDED: WOW, how odd, I opened Itunes and went to Podcasts (never went there before) and Mac Power Users was already there. I thought you had to subscribe and all. Not sure how It got there, but the episode you emntiuoned seems to be there. Nevermind. :unamused:

Glad you came right!

Here be some more links – these would allow you to simply open the episodes in a web-based player, and stream them directly off the site (as opposed to going through iTunes):

Mac Power Users:
More Mac Power Users:

One unrelated word of warning –– be careful of podcasts! :wink:
Once you start dipping your toe in that proverbial pond, expect to lose hours and hours to stimulating your mind… Perfect if you commute – a productivity thief if you don’t!

Thanks. I love watching youtube, vimeo, etc video tutorials. Hearing alone is harder for me. I look forward to learning more about Devonthink, however It comes. :confused:

When will it be posted? If it hasn’t been recorded yet, it would be a great time for the wonderful people at DevonTechnologies to tell us about the future of DevonThink and DevonAgent. What will the next versions be like? I want Devon Watch!

I am really looking forward to listening to this podcast. I am pretty sure both of the hosts have looked at Devonthink but never implemented it fully. I think it would be interesting to have a podcast hosted by Devon Technologies. There are so many topic areas that can be covered and a great user community who can contribute.

I’ve just listened to this episode and written something about my enthusiasm for DT, here: … nthinking/

Only getting round to listening to it now. Pleased to say that most of the main features are being touched on.