Devonthink Pro Moved to new computer - password does not wor

Hi folks,
Any idea what trick to use to get password working again?

I simply upgraded Apple computer and did the usual account migration.

When I start up Devonthink Pro and enter password it says my password is invalid.

Ideas please?


Did you also enter the same user name?

You so smart. :slight_smile:

Ok, all good now.

Oops, one more part to this question it appears.

When I set up the new computer I changed my username slightly.

So when the DB opens it is showing the old username, meaning I have to manually enter the new one each time.

Anyway to fix is such that my new username will be preentered in to the user box?


Choose File > Database Properties.

Click on the Lock symbol to remove your password. Close the Lock symbol.

Come back to it and reenter your password. Now the new username associated with the password will be automatic.

All is good in the world once again.