Devonthink Pro not responding

Hello !

My mac, version 10.6.5.
My devonthink doesn’t want to respond. When I open it, the data bases are not uploaded. So I downloaded a new version of devonthink Pro, but still the problem is the same. I can see my data bases on the file menu of Devon but no way to open it.

Any idea ? :unamused:
Sorry for my lack of english…

Thanks in advance.

Have you perhaps changed the location of your database files? In that case the paths to the databases that DEVONthink uses would be changed so that DEVONthink can no longer find them, and the command File > Open Recent doesn’t work.

If that’s the case, what happens if you choose the command File > Open Database and navigate to and select one of your databases?

Hello Bill_DeVille !

Thanks for your reply. Yes I do have changed location of the database, but long time ago. And it was working.
Finally I have re-downloaded a new version of Devon Pro. It seems to work, but time to time DT close without any reason.

There’s always a reason. :slight_smile:

The question is to identify it. Suggestions:

  1. run Tools > Verify & Repair on the database(s) to check for errors.

  2. send a message to Support if DT crashes, attaching a recent DT crash report, a copy of your System Profile and a description of the issue.

Crash reports may be found in the Console logs or at ~/Library/Logs/CrashReporter/.

Create a system profile file: launch System Profiler and choose File > Save.

Hello Bill-DeVille !

Thanks for your reply.
I already made point 1 and 2 days ago. But did not for point 3.
I’ll do it.