DEVONthink Pro Office 2.9.1 issues

Don’t get me wrong: I really like DEVONthink Pro Office and use it now since 6 years. I really like your improvements in terms of syncing solution (and I really rely on this feature).

I also like your license politics: I was never promted within the last 6 years to pay any additional money - from user point of view this is really great, especially compared to other companies which regularly ask for more money after some tiny feature improvements (nothing compared to your implementation in syncing).

However since the release of 2.9.0 (and short after that 2.9.1) I have big stability problems: the app crashes very often (segmentation faults) especially when running some background tasks (like converting to searchable PDF document). However after restarting at least it seems that the DB’s are not corrupted and seem still complete, however the background jobs of course are lost.

Crash reports are sent, so I hope you will be able to find the root cause soon and release a more stable version.

Please please make DEVONthink stable again as it was before!

In addition there is one bug which is really obvious: suddenly with the new DEVONthink version it is not possible any more to see the sidebar for pdf documents - so it is no more possible to change the page order, delete pages and so on… Please let me know if you need additional screenshots for this issue.

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They’re sent to Apple but as it’s not an App Store application, we don’t receive them :frowning: Therefore please choose Help > Report bug (after pressing the Alt modifier key) and send the email to cgrunenberg - at - Thanks!

Do you use the public beta of 10.12? This might explain both issues.

Oh yes, you are right, i am currently using 3rd (public) beta from MacOS 10.12. You really think both issues are related to MacOS Sierra? I will test it at another machine which is still using official version (El Capitan) and feedback to you soon.

Dankeschön for the fast feedback!

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The second one is definitely a Sierra issue, the first one might be one. Did you send the bug report to the above email address? The crash logs should include the necessary information.

Is there a way to downgrade to prior versions? Both iOS and Mac? The desktop version is virtually useless and I cannot sync my databases with the iOS app.

Hello, Ive had the same issue, also running 10.12. I tried to report a bug as advised but it didn’t seem to do anything? Is there an email address I can use? Thanks

@taxidiotis: We do not advocate this course of action.

@daddyhacker: Please start a Support Ticket.

Thank @BLUEFROG for the suggestion, the support website doesn’t really help since it does not suggest this way of reporting.

I still have the PDF Sidebar issue in version 2.9.4 under the released version of Sierra. This is really blocking issue in a normal workflow with the application, and I cannot believe this has been reported two months ago and is not yet fixed.

I have reported issue #927526, let’s hope it will get some attention.
Until that, I am really stuck, which is a pity, since like @Larsihasi, I have been really happy so far.

There are currently several unforeseen issues caused by fundamental changes Apple introduced in Sierra. We are working on a maintenance release for Sierra now. Thanks for your patience.​

The release 2.9.5 is the fix. Well done ! Just in time for my need, I gonna sort my document this morning. I was preparing myself to use preview to manage those PDF and I will not have to :smiley: Thanks a lot !