DEVONthink Pro Office and DEVONthink2Go

I’m a brand new owner of DEVONthink Pro Office and 2Go. I have three Mac computers (1 home, 1 office desktop, 1 office laptop) and two iOS devices (iPhone 6, iPad 2) that I use.

I have my DEVONthink database synced to Box Sync via WebDAV and all three Mac computers will (by tomorrow) be synced to this database. I know 2Go can’t sync to the Cloud, but can only sync to a locally-based database. My question is can my 2Go sync to any of my Mac?

I see a scenario where I will be using 2Go while on the go between my office and home. Whatever computer I get to first, I would probably like my 2Go synced with my computers just so the computers can get the latest information from my 2Go app.

Is what I’m asking achievable?

Of course, I look forward to the day when the 2Go app can sync using the same methods that the Mac app can, instead of only syncing directly to a local copy of the database. I often like to read away from the computer, but like to use the iPhone or iPad to take notes while reading. And of course, these notes I’d like to keep updated in DEVONthink.

No. DEVONthink to Go can only sync to one Mac at a time. If you were to subsequently create a DEVONthink to Go sync to a different Mac, then the data on the iOS device will be overwritten with the data from the second Mac. Any data unique to DEVONthink to Go would be lost.

Thanks for this response.

Quite unfortunate. I find ToGo too limiting. Version 2, as I hear is too long in the making. Just add WebDAV sync and this problem will be solved.