DevonThink Pro Office Deleted Database Sync (Bug?)

I may have stumbed on to a potential bug that occurs when a database that was synced to Dropbox is later deleted. I’m using the DTPO trial version (which, I am loving so far, fwiw) and have created - and deleted - several databases as I experiment with various features. I’ve also set up Dropbox syncing in accordance with the videos and tutorials, careful to promptly disable syncing the apps/DevonThink directory in the Dropbox selective sync preferences. The syncing itself appears to be working just fine and I’ve found no problems there.

But, after deleting one or more databases, I noticed that a Save dialogue popped up from time to time, prompting to save a deleted database. I later realized that it was popping up around the same time that the deleted database was previously set to sync. If I selected cancel, the save dialogue dissappeared, only to later reappear at the apparent next previously scheduled sync time. If I selected Save, the deleted database immediately reappeared back in DT.

First, I checked the DT sync preferences to make sure that the deleted database was not still there, which it wasn’t. Next, I looked in the Dropbox sync directory (apps/DEVONThink/databases) and saw that the database directories were still there. The database file names are encrypted, so I really could not tell which one was which, but by the count of directories, I saw that the total database directories in Dropbox matched the current plus deleted databases I had previously created. Lastly, I deselected the sync options for all existing databases and deleted all of the database files from Dropbox. The result appears to be that the DT still pops up with a save dialgue, this time prompting to save a database named “untitled.dtBase2”.

One last point is that this save popup has continued even after DT was closed and reopened. It has been going on for a couple of days now.

I suspect that there may be a bug in the sync process that does not disable syncing after a database is deleted. My layman’s guess is that DT is trying to save, or resync, the database on Dropbox, but prompts for a save when it finds the database is missing or deleted in DT.

I’ve already sent in a bug report with this information. If there is an option that I am missing here, please let me know.

I’ve already replied to your ticket, but for anyone else experiencing this issue, I’ll copy the content of my response here:

Thanks for the quick response!

FYI, I’m a new user and just had this problem. I’m running version 2.8.11 of DTPO.

I copied and pasted the command line above into terminal, but it didn’t work. Must have been an issue with spaces or hidden characters. The command I used:

rm -rf ~/Library/Application\ Support/DEVONthink\ Pro\ 2/Sync/

After setting up the location in Preferences and starting a sync, DEVONthink complained that the database already existed on Dropbox, and it would be merged with my local database, which was cool.

Looks like that took care of the problem.


Keywords: database deleted recreated Dropbox sync

I expect the command should have been posted as:

rm -rf ~/Library/Application Support/DEVONthink Pro 2/Sync/

However, the above post is over a year old and I would suggest that anyone having issues with sync file a support request. Failing that, at a minimum it would be advisable to ask questions here before executing an old terminal command in hopes of fixing a sync issue. Sync in DEVONthink is changing and, with the recent release of the DEVONcloudy, a terminal command that once fixed sync issues may not work and/or cause problems today.

The spaces need to be escaped, as in the command I posted.