DEVONthink Pro Office DEMO remove from Menus

I tried DEVONthink Pro Office 2.0 and deleted it (it was too much for me) I am considerin the upgrade to the personal level.

My problem is that I now have various DEVONthink Pro item in my “services” menu and in at least two places in my Apple Mail menus.

How do I remove them?

I tried looking for them in the “contextual” subdirectories.

Type “uninstall” in the Help > Search menu and you’ll see exactly what the application installs where and you may want to remove.

I already deleted various locations of the Pro version when I searched on “Devon”.

I have the personal version installed now (v 2.0)

Delete the folder whose name starts with ‘DEVON’ in ~/Library/Mail/Bundles/.

The Services menu items will vanish after a logout/login or restart.

Ok, that removed the Apple Mail Menu entries and the Pro entries in Services.

But there is one more entry in Services called DEVONthink with all the selections grayed out. I’ve thought this may be a feature of the personal edition but have tried various ways of using it but none seem to work.

I’m looking forward to getting all my files into DT and start using it.


OK, I found that it works with my Apple Mail emails…

If you have just installed DT Personal in your Applications folder, the Services will not be available until you have performed a logout/login or restart.