DEVONthink Pro Office Doesn't Work

I have set up a trial version of the application along with my SnapScan. When I scan a document it tells me I am scanning to to DEVONthink Pro Office but it doesn’t show up in the Inbox. In addition, all my menu options (or submenus if I’m able to get that far) are greyed out. When I maximize the tab on the right side of the screen, it only shows an empty Inbox. I have deleted and reloaded DEVONthink Pro Office twice with identical results. I am running Lion on an Intel MacPro with 15 GB of RAM. I’ve gotten one error message saying I need to disable the Snapscan Manager Quick Menu, but I had already disabled it when I created the DEVONthink Pro Office profile and a check confirms it. I was initially able to create a database (which it recognizes), but I cannot get to that main screen that I saw immediately after the first install.


Is the DTPO menu item, “File > New Database…” functional? If not, the demo period has apparently expired. You may request a 30-day trial extension via Help > Support Assistant.

If that above menu command is functional, make certain that (a) the Global Inbox is visible in the left Sidebar (View > Show Sidebar), and (b) that you have in fact opened the database that you had previously created (File > Open Recent).

Thank you. That solved the problem. I just didn’t think 150 hours could go by so quickly.