DEVONThink Pro Office on a server

Before buying, I would like to know if it is possible to install and use DEVONthink Pro Office on a mac mini server.
I need to use this software just on the mac mini and remotely.

Yes you can do an install like this.

As far as connectivity, at base level you could host the database on the Mini and use DEVONthink’s built-in web server to access the database in a browser. It’s not as full featured as a full version of DEVONthink but it’s handy on-the-fly.

With our upcoming Sync plugin you will be able to work on your local machine and sync changes to the Mini (or vice versa). There will also be DropBox sync capability with this plugin. Stay tuned.

(And with a tip o’ the hat to korm because he has suggested this before elsewhere) You could also drop a copy on a thumb drive and sneakernet it back and forth. 8^)

Thank you very much