DevonThink Pro Office & Synk to Dropbox

:blush: Okay, for tech-idiots like me just how in easy plain language steps do you set up synking a DevonThink Pro Office Group with Dropbox? I am afraid that I just do not understand the help file. I would be most grateful if SKS could make an itemised list of how to do it. Thanks.


A Group??

For good measure… ??? :mrgreen:

SKS = Some Kind Soul.
All I want to do is to do is to synk to Dropbox and I thought you could synk individual Groups. But please a step by step guide would be very useful on synking to Dropbox. Sorry I was not very clear.

Ahh. Never saw SKS before.
That’s a “nope” on the Group Syncing. Database = yep. Group = No.

The process is essentially the exact same as Sync 1, only simpler and with a minor rearrangement of the Sync Preferences.

Please start a Support Ticket. I’m working on a little document I’d like to share with you.

Thanks Bluefrog, support ticket raised.