DEVONthink Pro Office vs. Paperless for bookeeping

My immediate scenario is tax preparation. After a lot of research, I purchased the Fujitsu ScanSnap ix500 with the intention of purchasing Paperless to facilitate the export of scanned data from receipts to csv with a minimum of post-processing. After doing more research I found complaints that Paperless had clunky functionality and was also buggy and unreliable. I read in multiple forums that DTPO was the ‘gold standard’ software for the paperless office so I decided to purchase it over Paperless. I am also a Humanities researcher so it seemed as though this software could also streamline my research process.
I have begun scanning, importing, tagging, and grouping receipts into a new database I created and everything seems to be working fine. However, I am not seeing an option to export to .csv (as with Paperless). I am also not seeing DTPO being able to pull ‘read’ any data off of the receipts (i.e. total, taxes, vendor, etc.) which is also a functionality of Paperless. I’ve looked around online and in the forums, but have been unable to find a workflow for using DTPO to facilitate bookeeping in this way. If anyone could point me in the direction of a workflow or tutorial I would be most grateful. In the end, perhaps I need to purchase Paperless and then index the scanned receipts in DTPO?

What do you want to export? Document names? Something else?

This is not a feature of DEVONthink.

Thanks for your quick reply Korm. I admit to being puzzled by forums where I have read comparisons between Paperless and DTPO as in the end they seem to do very different things I was anxious to get started on my project so didn’t have more than half a day to do my research.
I am trying to export vendor, total, and tax information that would (wishfully) be recognized by OCR as I scan. Probably a pipe dream, I realize. I will try the Mariner software unless you may have a workflow suggestion for bookeeping that would get all of that information into a format that would provide sums?

You might find useful information in these threads. Relying on software to automatically and accurately grab financial information from documents and put it into reports is iffy, IMO. You’ll want it to be 100% reliable, but that’s nearly impossible. I suggest spending more than an afternoon reading the wide range of advice available. Some of that includes David Sparks, books that DEVONtechnologies suggests, Mariner’s forum, Neat’s forum, and the usual fishing in Google.

I endorse what Korm says, omitting the ‘nearly’ in his phrase ‘nearly impossible’, and adding reviews of Paperless to his useful reading list. (I looked into this for my own purposes a year or so ago, and it seemed to me then that text recognition and identification of this specificity in ‘consumer-level’ software is as yet still a mirage: even in a text set as small as a receipt’s there are just too many stray numbers and words floating around that confuse the software. Achieving the sort of 97 to 98 per cent confidence levels one needs for everyday use is too difficult. FWIW, the closest possibility seemed to me to be a feature of Snapscan software that can pick up words or numbers previously marked by a physical highlighter before scanning and turn them into Finder keywords, which Hazel might then be able to manipulate. Again FWIW, experimenting, for some reason green highlighter seemed best. But only 70 to 80 per cent of the time - which wasn’t acceptable to me. However, I’d be delighted to learn that the technology has improved since then.)