Devonthink Pro,ReadIRIS, Snapscan and relational database

Is it possible to scan numerical data in multiple columns into Devonthink Pro,using ReadIRIS and a Snapscan scanner and then export as tabulated data into a relational database or spreadsheet.

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Practically speaking, no.

But with a great deal of manual editing effort, yes. It might be easier to type the data directly into the relational database.

Bill, I believe that ReadIRIS Pro can apparently OCR and ICR data entered in tabular format from hard copy to a database- do I assume then that the version of ReadIRIS linked to DT Pro is a cutdown one that does not have this capability or cannot be tweaked to have this capability? Btw: judging by recent threads there seems to be some interest in this general topic of scanning tabular data via DT Pro into other databases.

TIA for feedback

We use the same OCR engine as ReadIRIS Pro. However, that application is geared towards all kinds of uses for applying OCR. We just wanted to have a straightforward means of entering paper documents into our database without many hassles.

For sophisticated scanning and OCR uses, we recommend ReadIRIS (Pro) and more scan specific applications.