Devonthink pro version 3 Tutorials/Consultants

Are there any Devonthink 3 tutorials on the web that r worthwhile. The ones that I’ve seen on YouTube seem to be version 2.

I think spending one hour with a consultant would save me 16 hours of my time.

There are no new tutorials yet. Did you have a look at the PDF manual or the free Take Control of DEVONthink 3 eBook? See

Do they have a list of consultants. I think I am missing some of the basic concepts so my progress is very slow.

I would be willing to pay for two 1/2 hr sessions w someone who could QuickStart my implementation.

It is probably overkill for my needs but with my ADD I spend way too much time searching for information.

Having been burned by previous software I really do want to leave my files in place but have Devonthink and asked them but when I did that I found that the index didn’t get updated when I moved the files in finder

Hej Steve,
I know a maybe helpful Adress for you.
Take a try to
She comes from Germany, but English is no problem for her.
Good luck. :+1:
Best Regards