DEVONthink quitting on trying to open pdf

I am experiencing an odd problem here, when I click on the item I have flagged in the attached screen shot DEVONthink Pro Office quits. I have tried it 6 times and it happens every time. Other pdf’s open fine and it is only this one that quits DTPO. Any ideas?

Could you please send us the crash report? The most likely reason is that the PDF document crashes Mac OS X’s Quartz engine and/or PDFkit framework (especially the framework is not that reliable on Yosemite).

Okay will do but :blush: can you remind me how to locate crash report please? Thanks

The easiest possibility is to press the Alt modifier key and to choose Help > Bug Report.

Bug report sent, cheers.

Just to say thank you to Christian for his excellent response to this problem which has been solved—once again I can not fault the support that DEVONtechnologies provides for their applications. :smiley:

Thanks :slight_smile: