DEVONThink Safari extension question

Since Apple is about to change how Safari extensions must be written, perhaps it’s time to reexamine DT’s?

What I find most disadvantageous about it is that it doesn’t load the page actually displayed in Safari (as Evernote’s extension appears to do), but rather downloads page via the URL again. Why is this problematic? Because it means that it can’t properly use sites behind a paywall, but most importantly, it will download all the ads on the page (or force the choice of a “clutter-free layout”) instead of using the page as a content blocker delivered it.

Any chance that the DT Safari extension can be rewritten to get the page from Safari instead of downloading it by itself?

The clipping extension is on a list of things to consider, but we have much higher priority work that requires our attention.

The famous rewrite of the Mac app?

That’s certainly a very high priority project, but we’ve got plenty to do in general.