DEVONthink Safari Extension Tip

There is a new version 1.0.3 of the extension available that fixes some bugs and also allows the user to set a shortcut to activate the extension. For those of you who are getting icon overload in the toolbar with all the new extensions, note that if you will be using a shortcut, you can customize the Safari toolbar and drag the DEVONthink clipping icon out of the toolbar.

Edited to add the version of the new extension

How do you set up a shortcut? The extension download page doesn’t give any clues that I could find.

You’ll need version 1.0.3 or later, available for download here.

Setting up the shortcut is part of the extension.

I’m still missing something - I downloaded the extension from the link you gave. I double click the file and am asked whether I’m sure I want to install the extension, I click OK. And that’s it. The extension icon appears on the toolbar of Safari, but I never get the window you display in your post. What do you mean by “Setting up the shortcut is part of the extension”?

When I do click on the icon, I get an HUD window in which I can select the type of clip (archive, pdf, etc.) and a place to add a note.

Go into ‘Safari>Preferences’ and click on the Extensions tab. From there you can enable/disable/set preferences, etc. for all of your installed extensions. The above clip is what is displayed for the DEVONthink Clipping extension.

Thanks, I haven’t explored extensions in Safari yet, thought the setup was done by the extension when it was installed.

Unfortunately, for me, the NY Times still doesn’t work (the clipping displays the login window) - I have an account there and I am logged in when I try clipping a story.

If you are using a Services-aware browser, you can capture a selected area of a Web page as a rich text document in DEVONthink by pressing “Command-)”.

Note that after first installing into the Applications folder an applicatino that provides Services, it will be necessary to logout/login or restart to make the Services available.

If the above keyboard shortcut for the capture rich note Service doesn’t work, that keystroke may have been “hijacked” by another application. You can view the status of Services in Services Perferences.

Thanks for the tip - it worked. When looking at a NYT page, I logged out and back in. Then the bookmarklets and the extension worked. For other articles, these methods continued working (no need to log out/in).

Wouldn’t it be nice if, on the blog item that announced this very useful improvement (thank you), if there were a link to numbered instructions for setting this up so a novice can get everything out of the took right away with little muss and fuss? Instead of having to go through all this?

Or, at least, let people know what the default keyboard shortcut is?

Selecting Clip to DEVONthink (and every other installed extension) under Preferences > Extensions to check which, if any, options are available for it is more reliable than depending on other info that might get outdated and be misleading.