DEVONthink Safari extension

I’m running DT v3.0.4, on my 2019 16" MacBook Pro (running v10.15.3), with Safari v13.0.5 installed. In Safari, I have the Clip to DEVONthink v3.0.3 extension installed, and as I watch the toolbar, the extension is “blinking” there/not there. It doesn’t matter whether DT3 is launched and running or not.


DEVONthink 3 provides only the extension but its usage and installation is completely handled by Safari. Does a reboot fix this? Or a reinstallation of the DEVONthink

Have you guys noticed all Safari extension including DevonThink arent working?

pls report to Safari Dev.

If extensions are checked off the extensions cant checked back on again…

That is not a DEVONtech issue. It is an Apple one.
Try quitting Safari and enabling it after a relaunch.

Nothing works.

Yes, we know it’s Apple’s issue.
Just asking if DevonThink can help us out, the more ppl complaint the faster they will fix it :wink:

Try this

In secure mode, it should be possible to activate the extensions (and they will remain so)

Workaround: When showing Safari Preferences -> Extensions: Change to Advanced tab and back to Extensions. The tick boxes work now. This has worked for me.

This phenomenon just started happening for me… your tip, “Change to Advanced tab and back to Extensions” still works!