DevonThink Search Field is Tiny on Big Sur

After upgrading to Big Sur, the main DevonThink Window is re-arranged such that the search bar is now tiny. I cannot see a way to force it to make it larger.
I have tried to upload an image with the old appearance above the Big Sur appearance. A red arrow on the left indicates the (apparently) wasted space. The red arrow on the right shows how small the search field is now.
Is there a way to increase the size of the search field?
Thanks, jason

Did you try to remove some items from the toolbar? I don’t use Big Sur, so can’t test, but normally the search field gets bigger if there’s more free space.

Yes, I removed items, but note how the title of the window to the left has an enormous space next to it. There’s just less usable room.
Could the search bar default to filling all blank space?

Currently, the only option is to use Icon Only view.

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The effect you describe seems to be entirely caused by using the option Icon and Text. I would surmise that the large space is created to accommodate (potentially) long names of groups that would appear at the extreme left. I had not noticed this effect, and it wasn’t until I tested by swapping from Icon only to Icon and Text that I saw the space. Even with Icon only (my normal choice) I do find the toolbar a little cramped on a laptop screen, but I can live with it.

Just like on older releases of macOS the window has a title bar if the toolbar mode is not icon-only. The only difference is that the title bar is now part of the toolbar on Big Sur. We might add an option to disable this depending on feedback.


I think that is the “problem.” (I.e. the problem for my use case).
I have it changed to icon only, as that gives me a more usable search field.
thanks for the replies,