DEVONthink seats cost 30% less only this Thursday and Friday

Just in case you are using more than two Macs and would like to use DEVONthink on your other Macs, too: today and tomorrow (Thursday, March 9, 2023, 9 a.m. UTC, through Friday, March 10, 2023, 6 p.m. UTC) we’re selling additional seats with a 30% discount.

P.S. We usually don’t post promotions to this forum but considered this one a good fit as it is more relevant to existing users than new customers.


Can this be with or in lieu of NPO discount?

and if I upgrade to server, what happens with the 2 seat license I have now? Do I still have two seats, with one as a server?

Yes, this promo can be combined with individual discounts. When you upgrade to server, you can take the additional seats with it. They will all be DEVONthink Server seats but you’d probably simply use just one of them to actually run a server. It would be fine, though, to use the server functionality on each seat.

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I just went to make the purchase, but the 30% discount has disappeared.

Hmm. Our promotion ended today at 6 p.m. UTC and we left it open for two more hours. But it finally ended roughly half an hour ago …

Thanks for your reply.
I had hoped to purchase another seat and server upgrade.
It’s only 3:50pm here on the east coast of the US. Not to belabor the point, but when one reads a message in English, in a forum that seems to be primarily US based, “through Friday, March 10, 2023”, there is a tendency to relate that to the customer’s point of view. Please consider the customer’s point of view in future offers, by citing the specific deadline hour.
Guess I will wait for the next discount cycle.

Sorry that we didn’t post the time here as we posted it everywhere else, from the blog to social media. We often leave promotions open longer to accommodate the different time zones (we are a US company selling world-wide) but for flash promos the window is intentionally more precise.