Devonthink Server?

Is it possible to centralizing the information of a devonthink pro database?

What I am sayings is, consider a LAN with multiple computers with DT pro installed. And a database file with a particular name (“Base1”, lets say) exists on all computers. When the database Base1 is updated on Computer1, I want the update distributed to all other computers. Thats is to say, sync a DT database across different computers.

What we discuss here is more than a simple file sync. Lets take a look at such senario:

  1. We have a Network called “LAN1”, file ServerA, 5 computers: MBP1, MBP2, … MBP5; on each computer DT Pro is installed, and with an existing database file “Base1” on each computer’s local hard drive.

  2. A serial of changes are made to Base1 from different computers in the following time sequence:
    (i) 2 PDF files are added, from MBP1, MBP1 is online at LAN1 (time: 8:01:00, a.m.)
    (ii) a webpage is added from MBP2, online (8:02:00, a.m.)
    (iii) a PDF file is added from MBP5, offline (8:09:00, a.m.)

  3. Now it’s 8:30, a.m., I put MBP5 online and want to do a sync and consolidation for the Base1 file and have all the computers updated for Base1. I expect to see the 3 PDF files and 1 webpage are appended to the Base1 file on all computers.

Will it be possible to do so, with current DT Pro Office and any other external tools?

This is not yet possible but hopefully soon. See viewtopic.php?f=5&t=12769