DEVONthink set up for learning to code?

Anyone have setup and/or folder structure tips using DT for coding, and coding projects (including code snippets)?

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Not certain DT is going to be the best place for this. I don’t believe there is any kind of code coloring or formatting ability. Of course, I do keep some code snippets in DT and simply have a database for them full of folders for specific languages, like jQuery, JavaScript, PHP, HTML, CSS, SASS… If you set DT up to open files in default apps when you double click on them, then you have the search functions in DT to find the code you’re looking for, and your favorite code editor to view them in.

Only if the code snippets are in Markdown documents and the Prism support (see Preferences > Media) is enabled.

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About the best you can expect to do, in my view, is store your documents that you are learning from, and perhaps store code snippets in text format. But my hunch is that would be a waste of time compared to using the native OSX file system with Finder (for file mgmt), and whatever integrated coding tools you are learning about.

I have 2 separate database that I keep coding related stuff in. One is an indexed database that is indexing the folder where fully debugged SQL queries are located. That folder is in my Git instance on my machine and I can edit the code in DT and then do a git push to update the GitLab repository that contains those queries.

The second one is more like coding. It’s for my work-in-progress and is a mix of code segments in folders by the modeule they apply to, scraped Stack Overflow solutions to specific issues I am facing, notes and website links and more. I have some drawings in there including flowcharts and screen designs. I have groups for each major module and tend to dump the stuff in there with very little additional organization. I also have a group just for the database design/schema and related info. Most of the stuff in there is plain text with tabs or spaces to make it match python coding rules.

My bug and features list is actually in a Scrivener document using the corkboard so I can run it sort of like a Kanban board.

My functional and technical specs are in Google drive as docs there because I have a couple of folks who are doing preliminary help and operational manuals and a couple of additional users who pick apart screen UI designs and we iterate to something that will work in practice. (corollary: No code survives first contact with the sheep.)

My current project is written in python so the IDE I use is PyCharm. I was using Android Studio for the field app so I was already familiar with the way the IDE works even though its in a new language.