Devonthink sorter hotkey can't get to tags w/o mouse? Thanks

Running devonthink pro office, here is my problem of not being able to add to tags to the sorter… I have to revert back to my mouse to select the tags area at the bottom, to tedious, any help and/or suggestions please let me know. I wrote this up real quick so hope it makes sense.

How can I go down to the tags part on the “devonthink sorter” without resorting to my mouse? I have tried tab but it doesn’t go down just indents (pressing tab)… Anyone have any ideas? I like the addition as I use the sorter all the time for quick notes and would rather not have to reach for the mouse to set some tags…

Brings me to another point… when I raise the sorter by accident I can’t press “esc” or anything to get the sorter to hide again, I have to click on the tab… (bringing me to the mouse again, argh) or if I am in the writing area it wil save if I put something down and pressed the conventional command + s.

Would really appreciate any help. Impossible to add tags like they are in the app “the hit list” type something as “/tag” and it will be tagged because the backslash and context is made by just “@context.”

Thank you for the time, I hope this is not very convoluted… I love devonthink but need these features badly… I imagine they are implemented I just can’t figure it out. Thank you again.

I’m afraid you can’t at the moment.

You can always minimise the window using the standard minimize window Command-M.

Thanks for the quick response, nice to know minimize works to close the window, now I just need a way of moving to the tags section via keyboard.

Is this an issue/request that is/could be resolved in future updates. On the agenda or can I submit a feature request? Thanks again for the prompt response. Thanks for answering my second question. Cheers.


You can always send these to I might add this in a future version.