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I have lost the Sorter! In preferences I typed in a selection hotkey and did not click on ‘Hide’ no problem there, the sorter tab was still visible. Then I dragged the sorter tab to the bottom of my screen, all still fine until I quitted Devonthink, when I reopened it the tab was missing and I have not been able to locate it since! Any ideas/advice will be most gratefully recieved. I am using version 2.0pb3. Many thanks in advance,


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What happens if you choose, in DT Pro/Office, Preferences > Sorter and click on the Show/Hide toggle button? Is the option, “Show at login” checked?

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Hi Bill,
Thanks for your reply. I feel such an idiot as I have found the sorter collapsed and hidden behind my Dock! Thanks to you I was working through your reply and found it! I have now moved it to bottom corner so will not be hidden.


The Sorter appears randomly on the lefthand side of my screen and disappears again within about five seconds. During its ‘visible’ time I can move it up and down though it disappears while I’m doing so. Clicking ‘Hide’ and ‘Show’ makes it appear but not for long. When I check ‘Show at login’ in the Preferences, the preference does not stick. I have not selected a ‘Copy Selection Hotkey’.

I have Devonthink Pro 1.5.4 on my machine too. Perhaps there’s a plist problem? Any ideas?


You are probably running some application that is full screen but not known to the Sorter. Out of courtesy, it disappears. Try quitting candidate applications one by one and let us know when it appears again what the name of that application was (or a URL where to download it) by sending this information to Thank you!

In this Beta can the Sorter tab be positioned on the bottom or right edge of the screen as noted in the Help?

Also, can you edit the names of the connecting boxes?

Just grab (but don’t open) the Sorter and swoop it upwards and to the right to move it to the right side of the screen.

It’s OK to rename the Inboxes in your databases so that you can identify them when you drag them into empty slots in the Sorter.

Note: To remove an existing Inbox or group from a slot in the Sorter, just dra it out; it will go poof!

Thanks for the help. A “swoop” being the key. But I use two monitors and the tab ends up on the right side of the second, auxiliary monitor. My preference would be positioning it on the sides or bottom of the main monitor. What about the along the bottom option?

And, how about displaying what is now shown when you mouseover the Sorter slot title? Maybe in a two-line display. Ferinstance, “Main Database: Inbox” instead of renaming those database Inboxes.

I’m having the same problem with only Firefox, Mail and Finder applications. Quitting Mail doesn’t change things. I can sometimes click on the tab, but usually it disappears before I can move the cursor to it - then reappears when I move the cursor into Firefox and i can’t drag anything into the inbox icon.