Devonthink - The ONLY reasonable Evernote alternative

Now that Devonthink imports Evernote notes AND converts the links to other notes to the new Devonthink (Evernote imported) notes, it is the ONLY viable alternative for people with larger Evernote databases. Evernote has always promoted the note linking but it proved to be a huge barrier for migrating to other apps. No other ‘alternative’ converts note links and it is essential.
Great upgrade!! Thank you!

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i’m not seeing this conversion - my existing links still point back to the Evernote app

a huge barrier for migrating to other apps

My solution is to switch to text search
We have the link, containing the note-id
I appended the EN note-id to the note contents
I insert the DT note-id into the file comments

the only reasonable Evernote alternative

i’m happy with converting to Devonthink
but recognize downsides
. Apple only
. No central cloud server with web access

If the targeted note is part of the import there is a new (Devonthink) link generated pointing to that note. Just tested it on >5000notes.

Cheers to the DT team for this update to 3.7. I had 500 notes of image-heavy content remaining in Evernote. DT was able to import them with all images intact.

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That’s a clue (3.7)
I installed Release 3.7 which includes in the Release Notes
“Notes from Evernote … It also remaps note links to item links, if the destination of a note link is part of the import.”

I tested with this version - Success, links have been remapped

I have previously imported close to 100k Evernote notes into DNT. Is there a way to “reapply” the remap link feature, or does it only work on “fresh” import from Evernote?

Cudos, BTW, for this and the myriad of other new and improved features.

+1 for that: also have thousands of evernote-links lying around in my database that I fix manually upon interacting with the specific notes

That’s not possible unfortunately as the former import doesn’t include the necessary IDs to remap the links.

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“sigh” - I thought so. I will act appropriately, by reimporting the notes when I need them