DevonThink to Go 2 will be released when?


There was a note with 2.9 a a week ago that DTTG 2 will be released after approval from Apple. This usually takes 2 days. Can you give a more precise update?

Due to final fixes and Apple’s reviews the only thing we can say at the moment is “soon” :smiley:

If I purchase DevonThink To Go today from the Apple App store, will the DTG2 upgrade be included upon its release? I’m wondering if this will be a new product, requiring an additional purchase. Thanks.

I have an email from Devonthink that an upgrade to version two will be free of charge.


There is no such thing as “usually” when it comes to the App Store review process.

@danlandrum: DEVONthink To Go 2 (while completely rewritten from the ground up), replaces version 1. It’s not a separate purchase for current version 1 owners.

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Is DTTG2 already in review by Apple?

I hope it because DTTG2 is now the missing “thing” for DT 2.9!

The link will not work for me -> “You are not authorised to read this forum.”

Agree, it is less then two days :wink:

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Ok, then. It will be on my iPhone tomorrow :smiley: cool. I can begin to setup my sync. :mrgreen:

I do not really unterstand this post.

But I have seen that in Mac App Store DT is still in version 2.8.7.

Is the release date of DTTG2 depending from the App Store availability of 2.9?

In my experience the Apple App store is a law unto themselves and trying to second-guess when they will do anything is futile. Patience is the best policy I think.

@gps2003: The point is, an average does not point out the actual numbers. So citing, a “1 day” or “2 day” average, does not mean our App would be reviewed so quickly.

For example:
Apps reviewed in 1 day: 8
Apps reviewed in 2 days: 1
Apps reviewed in 10 days: 1
… and the average would be a 2 day turnaround. But only one person actually got reviewed in “the average” time. Eight were happy, one was satisfied, but what about the guy who had to wait 10 days?

Any news on the date of release? Thanks

@jdean: Closer every moment. :smiley:

Where is the Live-countdown ticker on the homepage?

For Pro users with webcam and live Itunes Connect dashboard?


That would be a very dangerous thing to have. :mrgreen:

And trust me, we are watching MUCH closer than any of you. :smiley:

hello everyone

above this discussion on the release date of DTGo 2 I will be interested to know what this new version will bring to us as new features for instance compare to the current version.
Can’t it be possible that the team share with us some examples of such features like for instance did the Scrivener’s team to present their recently released of Scrivener for iOS… they put online on their website short videos showing the features of this mobile version of their app?

bkantique :smiley:

Part of the fun of it for me is NOT knowing, all the more exciting when it does arrive! :smiley: So I vote for no spoilers :confused:

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