DEVONthink to Go 3 = game changer

It’s been a few weeks since DEVONthink to Go 3.0 has come out, and I wanted to take a minute to chime in again and sing its praises.

With previous versions, DEVONthink to Go was something I had in case of emergency. (In the pre-COVID days when being out-and-about was a thing. Remember those?) Mainly, I hoped (but rarely counted on) data being synced from the desktop DEVONthink Pro, but I never, ever generated documents on my iPhone or iPad. Sync was one-way at best — from macOS to iOS only — and not fully trusted.

No longer.

Among many other, less-obvious-I’m-sure changes under the hood, the vastly improved and much faster CloudKit sync has turned DEVONthink to Go into a full, equal partner with its desktop sibling.

More than any single other feature, this was what I wanted — and it’s what you delivered.

Thanks again for all of the hard work the DEVONtechnologies team has clearly put into these recent releases (3.0 + point releases), for seeking feedback many months ago and clearly listening to your users.


Thank you very much for the kind and generous words. We appreciate it. :slight_smile:


Same here, the new sync mode has been a game changer in my use of DTTG. I now don’t think twice adding something from mobile knowing that it will make its way in a matter of seconds in my desktop inbox. Love the new ubiquity!

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Welcome @Marcmagn1

Thanks for sharing your experience and the nice feedback! :relaxed:

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I second @Marcmagn1’s comments. Sync is now really reliable and really fast.

Being able to pull down on the database menu on the ipad to initiate sync is soooo much better - I can work with one document on the Macbook while marking up other documents on my ipad and quickly sync markups across.

Thanks, guys - great job.

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Aargh - sync was working so well and now it isn’t after updating to v 3.0.5 (17053) this morning.

Nothing else has changed - I am connecting through the same Local Network connection via USB cable between devices, but it’s back to “Connection to server timed out” errors. Pulling down on the database/ contents pane on the iPad seems to cause the Sync popover to hang on “Starting synchronisation”.

Have tried re-starting Mac & iPad, but no fix.

Will keep going and see if it rectifies itself.


The latest release didn’t change CloudKit synchronizing, therefore it might indeed be just a temporary server issue.

Thanks for your response, Criss - will let you know if it persists. S