Devonthink To Go 3 on iPAD and finding recent files on Mac

I installed DTTG3 on my iPad Pro 2 days ago, it seemed to sync very quickly via iCloud, however out of 30,000 or so pdf’s many show as corrupted/unreadable… The same files are fine on the Mac version and I presume this is due to pinned message on the problem with DTTG 3, I have stopped using DTTG3 and will await an update…

I have used Time Machine to recover a copy of my Database prior to the installation of DTTG3 and was wondering the easiest way on the Mac, to find the files added since the last good back up copy ? ( This is a precautionary step)

Depending on the date of the last backup you could e.g. sort the default “History” smart group by date to find the latest items.

Which version of DEVONthink To Go 3 did you actually install? The current one is 3.0.3. Was DEVONthink To Go 2 already installed on the iPad?

I installed DTTG3 just two days ago, I am reluctant to open it again and I await an update… I did have DTTG2 installed and I understand this is the source of the present issue, thank you for the suggestion of the History Default Smart group.

I find Devonthink incredibly useful but my searches are generally on just keywords and I seem able to find what I need without anything clever !