DEVONthink To Go always looses sync after a few weeks

I am using DEVONthink 3.02 on my iMac and DT To Go on iPhones and iPad.
Every few weeks the sync somehow breaks (I could not find out what causes the damage) and the only thing that I found out that works is creating a new empty database on the Mac, copying everything from the old database into the new, deleting and reinstalling the apps on the iOS devices and creating new links again. Then, everything runs perfect for a few weeks and suddenly the mess starts again.
At some time I note that new documents I import on the iOS device do not appear on the mac and vice versa.
Of cause every time I have to do all that Im lose time and all documents I imported ofter the mysterious incident.
I’ve gone through that 4 times now and am close to looking for other solutions. It’s absolutely frustrating!
Please help.
All the best

What kind of sync location do you use? In case of sync stores like iCloud or Dropbox verifying the sync store is the recommended first step and if there are issues, clean the sync store and upload the databases again. It’s not necessary to create new databases.

I use dropbox.
Actually, At one time in the course of all these activities I also created a new sync store just to be on the safe side. It did not make a difference. After a few weeks I am in the same mess again. I am getting the impression that these sync links are extremely delicate…maybe too delicate to work with them.

While I really enjoy DT and DT To Go a lot, these issues have become such a pain that I seriously consider to give up on DT.
They started when I still had my old iMac and my old iPhone and changing to new hardware made no difference. So the issues cannot be related with either the hardware or the DT install files on the devices.

If you should experience the issues again, then please have a look at Windows > Log and verify the sync store (see contextual menu in Preferences > Sync). Are any issues reported?

The issue is happening right now. I noticed it shortly before I wrote the message here.
I see no entries in the log window but I am not sure if I understand you correctly:

the sync somehow breaks

What do you mean by this?

The devices stop syncing.
I can still add documents to the devices but they are not synced to the other ones. It is a huge mess that’s happening again and again after a few weeks use. As I wrote above, the only way to repair I found is the complicated procedure I described in my initial post.

Since I changed everything, even the hardware involved, I feel it’s either a problem with one of the documents I store in DT or simply a bug that causes this.

Did you do the verification of the sync location per @cgrunenberg’s request?

In DEVONthink’s Preferences > Sync , control-click the location, hold the Option key, and choose Verify Location Thoroughly. This will take a bit of time and will be reported in Window > Log.

Ok - I think now I understood, how to run this test. I am just trying…

…still running…

Here is the outcome.
Protocol looks fine but still sync does not work at all anymore:

That was the database.

When I check the sync store itself the process seems to hang?!
It seems to be stuck with the 4th object???:

Sync Store has been tested as well:

I am currently also testing from the iPhone which also seems to take forever:

On the iPhone the spinning wheel just disappears after a while - no message at all.

BTW, the last few times I noticed the issue after I had added documents from the Scanbot app via sharing to DT To Go but I have no idea whether the issues are related to these activities.

Please help. These repeated issues basically make DT To Go unusable for serious applications.

This is being handled in our support ticket system now.

I’ve never been able to get anything to synch with icloud between iPhone, ipad, and MacBook Pro only the global inbox synchs! Ughhhh

Have you responded to your support ticket?