DEVONthink To Go crash with big Database (+2000 files)

Overtime i select a big database (+2000 files) DEVONthing To Go crashs.

Select DEVONthink To Go 2’s Help Menu > Contact Us to start a proper Support Ticket.

I downloaded the 2.0.4 Beta and there are the crashs are gone!

Glad to hear it.

I have a DB with 4000+ files and not getting much joy from DTTG sync. How do I get hold of 2.0.4 to see if that solves my issues?

2.0.4 is only available to the beta testing pool (which is closed).


Are you still recommending to delete DTTG and the databases with each new version of the app? Just takes ages to download to gigs of data each time.

Steve J

This only applies to beta testing (my advice). It should not be necessary for the public releases. However, in troubleshooting scenarios, it can be a useful thing to do.

(PS: I have literally deleted and reinstalled it 100s of times in the past years. Such is the life of testing.)

Any ETA on 2.0.4? I have a database with 5994 items sync via dropbox, 2.0.3 crashes every time it reach about 5500 items.

Later this month.

Again, please start a Support Ticket.