DEVONthink To Go Development Status

Ladies, Gentlemen,

Just a quick notice that, unfortunately, Mike K. Papp, our developer who took over the DEVONthink To Go project from me in October 2010, has left our company effective today.

I have taken over his source code for the time being and I hope to post an update to our beta group next week, when we have released some due updates for our Mac applications later this week.

We are now actively looking for a new, experienced iOS developer for taking over the DEVONthink To Go project as soon as possible.

Thank you for understanding that this is negatively affecting our release schedule.


ouch… this has gotto hurt and throw you off schedule for another release by weeks…

thanks for your notice: it makes it a lot easier to live with a nearly useless app… Seriously: I hope, things will be better very soon!

@had: Please send a message to bugs(at) with a description why DEVONthink To Go is totally useless for you — from your text it will be hard to fix :wink:

Just a quick note that I have taken up on development again. Today I have fixed a couple of smaller bugs as well as added the basic capability to sync all file types to DEVONthink To Go. Next steps for 1.0.3 will be a change in the internal handling of file types and the addition of audio and video playback.

@eboehnisch: Done.

I was worried that the dropping out of mkp would delay the next long-awaited update for a long time. And I appreciate any transparency into the development process, knowing what you guys are currently working on. Thanks for that.