DEVONThink To Go (DTTG) Sync to Mac DTP Connected18

So after years of attempting then punting to sync with the DTTG iOS app I finally am able to understand what is happening. The videos and tutorials have improved but don’t seem to give the overview when trying to sync the DTTG app to the Mac. Hopefully this will help.

Now the syncing problem I’ve found was that all the variable options to sync are all on one page in the preferences sync page. This is good if you understand it but confusing if you don’t.

SITUATION: I want to use DTTG to sync my files on my home wifi directly to my Mac DTP that will be updated from the changes on my iPhone or iPad when I return. I don’t want to use the internet for the large files so I am directly syncing through my home wifi only.

Most of my files are indexed which is a no go for DTTG syncing. “…DTTG doesn’t support indexed files, and if you don’t include the contents, there will be nothing for DTTG to download on demand.” (Devonthink Forum Reply, BLUEFROG » Fri Jun 29, 2018 12:43 pm)

I had to create a new Mac DTP database: “Saints18”, so that I would have the files non-indexed to be accessible on DTTG iOS app.

PROCESS: So I’m starting with Mac DTP new database = “Saints18” I go to the Preferences>Sync page. Then go to Bonjour with the port & a password to create a direct connection with Mac DTP with DTTG. (NOTE: The “Saints18” DTP doesn’t show up on the sync preference page but needs to be an “Open Database” on the Mac DTP for the direct connection to engage.)

On DTTG iOS I go to the Settings> SYNC Locations>“Edit Locations” where I find MyName@MyMac.lan local network then I put in the direct connection password from the Bonjour I entered from my Mac DTP sync.

That’s it, your DTTG & Mac DTP should sync on your wifi!

-------- Info on Local Sync.
NO GO: Local sync to DTTG iOS will not work: “And no, a local sync store isn’t accessible in DEVONthink To Go,…” (Devonthink Forum Reply, BLUEFROG » Tue Jun 12, 2018 1:50 pm.)

More on Local Sync: The local sync I think is potentially a syncing of the working database files from the Mac DTP only. This could be put onto a separate yet connected hard drive to the Mac DTP.

If you do a local sync the blue check marks must be checked next to both the Location: “filename.dtCloud” Local Sync Store & the Databases: Local “Angels18” database itself. Without the blue check marks that database will not sync.

Hope this helps, & Merry Christmas.