Devonthink to Go, Manual 2.0.1

In the section for “Granularity” a clarification should be added that, in order to change from eg “Always” to “On Demand” the database synch should be switched off. After that the change can be made and the database synch switched back on.

Where are you seeing a need to do this?

This is one place
“Manage your Items” ->“Get more information about an item” -> “Change download files option” text implies that you can change behavior at will. Not so on my system. First I have to turn off sync for the database in question, then I can proceed with changing how files are handled.

I downloaded the manual for DevonThink to Go at: … nuals.html

This may have been an initialization issue. After doing things as described above I cannot get back to the conditions I was describing. I will return on the subject if I can get a better understanding of the problem.