DevonThink To Go no longer syncs?

Happy customer, using DTTG on my phone along with DTPO on a laptop.

Until recently, I was able to tap the sync (“cloud”) icon and see log messages about items downloaded/uploaded, etc.

Now (maybe a week?) this doesn’t happen, the cloud icon shows a small triangle, and tapping it only shows me a “Encryption key not available” message.

I don’t think items added on my phone are showing up on the OS X location.

Any idea what’s happening? (Help!)

(if it helps, I’ve been using Dropbox as the sync location, and I’ve verified that there is a few GB to spare there, so I don’t think it’s running out of space)

In DEVONthink To Go 2’s Settings > Sync : Edit Locations, press the Edit link and touch the Sync location. Just re-enter the same key again (in both places) and press Save.

Thank you, that worked! :smiley: