DevonThink To Go not syncing with iPhone

I just downloaded to my iPhone last night (Feb 20,2021). I’ve read several directions on how to link and sync to the cloud service. Initially, it came up and asked about an encryption code and I was not sure what they were talking about so bypassed it. Now I realize that it’s the encryption to my database its asking for. Not sure why that was confusing at the time. Anyhow, I went into the desktop version and did the “Clean Location” and then uploaded all my files to cloud. But nothing is happening on my iPhone to connect. I cannot seem to get the “encryption” question to come up again.

The other thing I will mention is in preferences in the Sync option when I click on iCloud there is my encrypted database and the inbox. It shows it did update at a certain time but then the Log is showing “Invalid Key encryption” Is this because of my iPhone not being connected or something else? Confusing and not sure what to do.

Don’t you already have an open support ticket?

For a different topic. I would prefer to have someone direct but thought Id try this forum to see what would happen. Do you need me to place a new ticket?

Yes, please open a new ticket.

ok will do