Devonthink to go number on icon?

I’m a new user of DT to Go. On the app icon, on my iphone, there is a number in a red oblong shape. I haven’t been able to find anything in documentation as to what it means. Can someone advise? Thanks!

It’s the number of unread items in all the databases. Note: This includes the Trash for the databases.
It can be turned off in iOS > Settings > Notifications > DEVONthink > Badge App Icon

BTW: Version 2.0.7 will only show the number of items in the global inbox.

Thank you for the hint with the trash. I was wondering where this one unread message had gone on my phone :wink:

No problem.

So what it the purpose of this badge (count of unread ) and how do I view those and reduce that to 0???

The purpose is to easily show you have unread items in the Global Inbox. That is important to some people who may be clipping content into their Global Inbox for later reading and filing. The icon badge is a little reminder there’s work to do.

You have to view those files (or empty the database’s Trash, if they’re there).

Alternatively, you can choose iOS’ Settings > Notifications > DEVONthink and disable Badges, if you don’t use this feature.

Where can I see the unread items in the iOS app?

You have to enable the global smart group by clicking Edit on the Home screen, enabling it, then pressing Done.

Note this is for all items in all open databases.

In individual databases, you would see a blue dot under the name of unread items.

I see now. Thank you…

I’ve never found the unread count badge to be useful to me in DEVONthink to Go, so I always turn off that setting in>Notifications >DEVONthink to Go.

Confirming: The only purpose of notifications on DevonThink to go is notifying about unread items? if I turn notifications off in Settings, nothing else will be effected?



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