DevonThink To Go: PDF default zoom to width

Hello: I am about to ditch Keep It for DevonThink to Go, but one thing quite bothers me. When clipping Webpages as PDF, I generate a continuous PDF (single page) document, which often is quite long . By default, DevonThink To Go zooms to height, not width. That is probably quite useful on large screens but this app is “to go”, so made for small screens. I have not found a way to set by default to zoom to width.

  1. Is there a setting I didn’t see that would allow for default zoom to width?
  2. How can I easily get it a PDF to zoom to width (is there a gesture or something)?
  3. If it is not a feature, COULD YOU PRETTY PLEASE implement this? It shouldn’t be too complicated I assume? Please? Prettiest please?


Welcome @Fips
See this…

Thank you for the response—does this apply to DevonThink To Go or DevonThink (desktop)? My question was about the former.

Sorry, that’s DEVONthink on the Mac.

In DEVONthink To Go you can pinch to zoom in and out. Also, a double-tap will zoom in and out, though it likely won’t zoom enough with long PDFs.

We use a third-party PDF framework and would have to pass the request along.

thanks for the response.

  1. Considering the small screen size of mobile devices, it would be a much appreciated feature to have the option zooming to width of PDFs for DevonThink To Go as a Setting. If that could be arranged, it would gain a feature that competitors have, and that makes opening PDFs with Keep It quite comfortable (for example, I am using the iPad to display PDFs of recipes and sheet music, and in both cases i routinely switch between PDFs, the additional interactions required to zoom long PDFs to a readable size is a bit unpractical).

  2. Does the automatic resize/zoom to width feature you describe for DevonThink Desktop require a certain macOS? It works on my Mac running 10.15.3 but not on my Mac 10.14.6.


  1. The request is noted but again, it’s not under our control. We can only pass along suggestions.
  2. There is no OS requirement for this. Automatically resize just needs to be enabled in Preferences > Media > PDF Display.